Compliance Inspection
An inspection to confirm that a food establishment has completed and is implementing a Food Safety Plan and/or Sanitation Plan.
Critical Hazards
A critical hazard is a defect, deficiency or violation of a food safety regulation that, if left uncorrected, has the potential to result in food-related illness (aka food poisoning).
Food Safety Plan
The provincial food premises regulations require all food service establishments to prepare and operate under a Food Safety Plan, which provides step-by-step precautions to minimize the risks associated with food preparation.
Operating Permit
Under provincial law, every food service establishment is required to have a valid food premises operating permit, issued by the local health authority.
Sanitation Plan
A plan prepared by the operator of a food establishment, in compliance with provincial food safety regulations, to ensure that the establishment is kept clean, well-maintained and free of pests.
Scheduled Inspection
An inspection that is pre-planned, either as a routine inspection or a follow-up to a routine inspection.